Σ.Σ.Ρ.Μ. - Round Stamp Dude (Στρογγυλή Σφραγίδα Ρε Μάγκα)



The official round stamp of the Hellenic Republic notarizes and certifies a document for the State. However, the process of obtaining the stamp on a document by a citizen is often the end of a complex and stressful path, where plenty of working hours have been used up for a process that could potentially be simplified.


Σ.Σ.Ρ.Μ. is an attempt to depict bureaucracy in Greece, one of the fearsome hurdles for a professional, in a humourous and ironic way.
In the end, through patience, perspiration and insisting, all citizens manage to solve the labyrinth posed by various State Bureaus. Until noted otherwise.


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Σ.Σ.Ρ.Μ. was commended at the Greek Graphic Design & Communication Awards 2013, EBGE 2013.


The designer by no means promotes the destruction of public documents and symbols. These acts are subject to prosecution by the abiding laws. The sole purpose of this project is to highlight an issue in Greek society through design, as an applied art.



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